Born in 2007



A face with a story…

… that got to be a story with a face.


Rambler is an Amsterdam based Social Venture. Since 2007 we’ve been working with streetwise teens in different major cities to capture the look and style of global streetwear.

Today Rambler has both a studio shop in streetfashion the Zeedijk of Amsterdam and in the famous Friedrichshain district of Berlin. There we welcome young rambling people daily.
At Rambler teens learn to design, make and sell through their language of streetfashion. Together they form the Rambler platform and the rough designers of Rambler authentic streetfashion.

Through the Rambler method they discover their talents and strenghts. Through the Rambler shows they see that they are seen. Through the Rambler selling they receive a 10% fee of their designs.
At the end we say “Respect” to all our Ramblers for their own hard work. We enjoy every day to be with their spirit, pureness and power.
Their stories need to be told..

Thanks for all your attention and we hope to meet you one day in Amsterdam or Berlin!
Team of Rambler Studios and our social partners Streetcornerwork and Neue Chance.

“A person who takes multiple city walks, but will finally find its way.”

Rambler Studio Partners

Street Corner Work |  Social Work Studio Amsterdam

Street Corner Work | Social Work Studio Amsterdam

Streetcornerwork is the organisation in Amsterdam for guiding street teens. They meet them on the streets and coach them in their offices through out in the city. So also at the Rambler Studio. Teens in the studio can be coached with their questions towards housing, school, work and their personal life. It gives them the trust and the ability to get out of the streets.

Neue Chance | Social Work Studio Berlin

Neue Chance | Social Work Studio Berlin

Neue Chance is the organisation in Berlin for social housing and the guiding of the people. Neue Chance is working with Rambler in an exchange programme to start a second Rambler Studio in Berlin. In the studio Neue Chance will guide the teens with their questions to get out of the streets.


Rambler Studio Sponsors

Erasmus Plus | NJI
Fonds 21
Anton Jurgens Fonds
Gemeente Amsterdam
Rabobank Amsterdam

Stichting DOEN
NV Zeedijk
Fonds Kwadraat
Fundatie van den Santheuvel, Sobbe

Stichting Zwerfjongeren Nederland
Impact Hub

Rambler Studio Press